24 September 2011

Is This Thing On?

Oh, hi. Didn't see you there, blog, sitting in the corner gathering dust for *checks calender* *rubs eyes* gulp 2 years. My bad.

Clearly, lots of things have changed. Trying to play catch-up with the whole bloggy world in one post would probably make my fingers fall off & my head explode, so I'll spare us all the pain & suffering of even attempting it. Just one little observation I've made from reading my last few posts, though: apparently I had a lot of anger back then that I didn't know I carried around on a daily basis. Thankfully, I've managed to let go of most of that.

Anywho... let's hit the high notes of the major changes in the last gulp 2 years.

  • I moved again. Living with Hunter and Brittney (who are now married! yay!) was awesome, but it clearly wasn't meant to last. When the two of them got engaged, I knew eventually things would have to change, but we were all happy and having fun. Then a lot of stuff starting going down behind the scenes at my job. As the cracks in the facade started to show, I grew increasingly unhappy with some of the major aspects of the work I was being asked to do. Fortunately for me, I was in a rekindled relationship that was heating up quickly, so I had at least a little bit of happy to fall back on. We started talking about moving in together. At first I thought it was just that: talk. Then it got more serious. He REALLY wanted me to move in, & I wanted to get away from work hell. I finally bit the bullet & started looking for new jobs- in a new city, btw -and things just moved at lightning speed from there. My first interview wanted to hire me, immediately, so I put in my notice at work, talked to the roomies, and off I went. Goodbye, old job, old friends, and Birmingham. Hello, new job, new friends, big relationship step, and Madison.

  • That relationship I mentioned? Amazing. James and I had known each other since our 2nd year at Auburn, and we ran in a circle of friends that was- and still is -pretty close. We had tried to date once before, but then he graduated and moved to Huntsville while I moved back to Birmingham. Fast forward two years, and we decided to give it another (much more successful) go. I was nervous about living together, as you can probably imagine from some of the feelings that came out of the last time I lived with someone. (Obvious statement is obvious.) From the day that I moved in, walking into the house felt like the place I belonged. Things couldn't have been better. Then? He proposed four days before my birthday this year. We're getting married in the spring. :)

  • The dog- Layla. When I decided to leave Birmingham, I knew there was no way that I could let her stay with The Ex. (Sidebar: writing about him feels strange now, because I realize that I don't think about him anymore.) My sweet, fat, happy puppy is now at her very spoiled and fattest happiest with my parents. It still bothers me that she's so far away, but my parents have become super attached to her been amazing. She will eventually come to live with James and me, on the day when the heavens smile down upon our bank accounts and the backyard gets a fence. Fences aren't cheap, y'all.

Now that we're all caught up on the major things, maybe I'll be back around soon to fill you in on all the fun details. Hopefully before another 2 years go by...

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